Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Door Frame

We got the front door framed in the other day. In some ways it was easier, since it's just really the door stop and the hinge board, as the cob walls will actually surround the whole frame, and we'll be doing an arch of cob.

But because it's set at an angle to the roof, both sides are different lengths, and of course, it's hard to make sure they are both parallel, and in the same plane as each other.
Before I put them up, I cut the groove in them where the door will hit it.
I also notched out a spot for the bracket to hit, as we wanted to make sure the door opening was wide enough. This bracket goes over the J bolts that were buried in the concrete bond beam oh so long ago.
PS - this post was the center of a dead tree that was standing a couple years ago, and I took it down to see what the wood was like, early in my sawmilling experimenting. I used the mill to make it about a 4x4, and then hand planed it and it's ready to go (especially since only 2 sides will show)

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