Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Skylights go on with no problem

We cut the holes in a perfectly good roof the other day. Melissa of course, did the very exact task of marking out the lines to cut so that we wouldn't be going over (or through!) any rafters, and of course she was right on target.

The skilsaw works great for this, though the blade did get gunked up from the sticky tarpaper kind of stuff.

Melissa also devised a very simple and clever way to hold up the pieces as we cut them so they wouldn't come crashing down inside the house. No big deal except where we have the drying clay floor... but no point in abusing these pieces of plywood with fancy waterproofing on them either. I bet I find a use for them.
Below you can see that she simply screwed three small blocks of 2x4 type wood below the piece to support the plywood when it was cut free.

The skilsaw has a round blade, so you don't get a clean match at the corners, so I had to finish them off with another little saw. I could have used the sawsall, but this was just a quick few cuts, and this saw was easy to handle.

As we glued and screwed them down, we kept the little triangle support pieces on to help maintain the 'squareness' until it was fully locked down.

Once they were all secured, we put the fancy (expensive) skylights on the holes.

and now we have light!


cyclenonymous said...

I would've told Tys to stand underneath and catch the wood instead of devising a way of holding them in place. It would've been funnier.

Tys said...

I was the one doing the cutting....Kelly.

Starting anti-fire prep

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