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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Side Projects

While I'm 'taking it easy' because I'm sick, I'm doing some smaller projects that don't include a lot of lifting and sweating.

I made a 'first try' window frame to see how hard it would be to make new frames for the old windows I scavenged from our place in San Francisco. It was a fun project, but I didn't do that great of a job.

The main problem being I didn't make all the joints at the corners exactly square to each other:
Another tricky bit was the center piece, which I did with a through mortis, and probably didn't need to:
the finished thing does look pretty good, until you try to lay it flat. It's got about a half inch curve:

I've also started the process of putting together and gluing the drain pipe for the bathroom sink. I want to put a good vent on the thing, so we won't have any gurgling when air is trying to get out of other drains (the kitchen sink). This vent will also be a way to do a quick wash out if necessary. I can just put a hose into the verticle pipe and flush out any gunk in the drain system.
You can see the two board with a piece of white-ish plywood on them. That will be the box that surrounds this set up so that if there's ever a problem, this joint section of the pipe won't be buried.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger daniel said...

After reading your blog and watching your progress over the past year... Just like to say great job.

I thought of you both today and the special partnership you seem to have as a couple. Truly as a Journeyman Cabinetmaker & Contractor it is rare for me to see a team work so well together... given all the two of you are doing & your temporary home.

Gives me encouragement that I have found the right woman in my life and our ability to do anything together.

Any special secrets, (not on the house) on the relationship?

The Virginian

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Tys said...


First, let me say 'how embarassing to have a cabinetmaker looking at my site the day I post about trying to make some joints for a window. ouch.'

Second, thanks for the good words.

Third, to answer your question about our relationship: the truth is, I'm a saint.

ha! just kidding. I don't think I'm qualified to answer much. She's really positive, and not at all the typical 'girly' woman. She's lived in Africa, camped in the Nevada desert for months at a time... in other words, having a woman who can take care of herself and remain positive is about 92% of the job.
The other major thing is we are exactly in the same place about spending money - on the construction, and in life in general. (that is, we don't spend much) I think that solves a lot of potential problems.
Also, while we both have a sort of internal sense of urgency - wanting to see tasks completed - we don't have a strict schedule for this whole thing... we both see this as 'this is the life we're living, the only finish line is the end.' Without a looming worry about deadlines and schedules, it's not too hard to stay positive.

Glad you're enjoying the blog. Cheers,


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