Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shower pan liner, and strange tubes

Melissa did the work of laying the shower pan liner the other day. Since we have already sloped the subfloor in the shape of the shower, we have a definite spot for this thing. Normal applications call for it to be nailed to the wooden studs around the shower in a stick house, but we can't do that, so we're going to have to play it by ear a bit.

Guesses on what these tubes are? They're my idea for a heat escape route for the back of the fridge, allowing the radiating coils in the back to let off heat (there's also cool air inlet tubes lower down) and also help with any possible fumes from the propane fridge pilot light. They will be cut flush with the wall after I make sure they're in there solid.
you can also see the anchor points for the future counter top on the right side of this photo. They're just bits of 2x4 with some nails in them to anchor them in.

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Mike said...

I forgot, where are you putting the home theater again?

Starting anti-fire prep

Well, we never really stop.  But, took a picture of today's raking below the yurt.  Every year I work to get a bit wider swath cleared....