Saturday, July 04, 2009

Some Bathroom Details going up

As we begin to work around the northwest side, the bathroom details have to be taken into consideration.

Here you can see we've put the vent pipe in that will pull air from below the bench, underwhich will be the composting toilet buckets. We don't have this in the yurt bathroom, so we know it's not necessary, but it's an added luxury.
Here you can see the first bits of 'hardybacker' (the stuff that goes behind tiles) being put into place. Since we don't have studs in our walls, we decided it'd be easier to put the hardybacker onto some 2x6s, and then bury the whole thing in the cob as we go. This allows us to make sure the hardybacker is plumb and level, instead of worrying about individual boards that we'd screw to later.
Here you can see the back of the hardybacker (and the boards buried in) and the plumbing access box that will house the shower mixer and such. It's pretty big, but it's only 14 inches across, just like the space between studs in a normal house, and it's about 5 feet high, so that both the water spout and the showerhead can be put in from this side (the outside).

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