Journey in the Woods

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Garden experiment

Since once again we need to pull out old soil from our veg garden to be able to add fresh compost (with the terraces we have, we only have so much volume we can handle) we thought we'd try and set up a new shade garden for the summer.

One of the problems we have with gardening is that it get so hot and dry here in the summer, even with tons of watering, delicate plants get fried, or at best, just bolt and go to seed, thinking their done before they start. So, we thought we'd put a terrace in back by the water tanks, in the shade:

We finally found a use for those old 'hardboard' pieces of junk used to make the concrete forms back when we were making the bond beam of the foundation. They're now 'root blockers', keeping the redwoods from coming up through the bottom to get at the nice soil and water.

we threw down some logs and added the dirt excess from the garden (actually, we'll have a ton more to take out yet) I'll post pics of lettuce sometime soon, I hope!


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