Journey in the Woods

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some different progress reports

Here's Melissa 'thumbing' in almost the last bit on the NW wall in the bathroom, between arched windows:

This is me trying to get a piece of 4" rigid foam insulation in between the rafters where the wall comes up to meet it... I had to shave a bit of cob wall to get the insulation to sit right:

Here you can see the outside of the wall above the southern windows... so far. It's just a patchwork of plywood, which will be what we attached lathe to before plastering. It's a wooden wall section that will look as though it's cob when it's done. Notice that we're using all the scraps around the place for this work. No point in worrying about whether the plywood is clean or not, since we're going to slather it with mud later on.

here you can see the wall above the window from the inside. We'll put insulation in that as well, and it will get covered with plywood, then metal lathe, then earthen plaster. Then, probably a book shelf.


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