Journey in the Woods

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some random progress photos

Melissa goes up and 'thumbs' every layer after it goes on, making sure it gets tied into the previous one. Here she is in the main bedroom, working on the interior wall that separates the living room from that bedroom... you can see the chimney pipe in front of her. Almost there!
We can't remember how, but we broke a dinner plate recently, and since it's ceramic, and won't degrade or anything, we thought we'd just bury it in. Here it is, ready to go in near the loft window - aka the top of the southwest wall:
In between other things, I'm still working on the main bedroom pocket door. Here I am, in strange lighting, cutting the notches in the bottom (or top) of the door that will house the rollerblade wheels this will run on. I finally fixed my Rip framing saw, so I got to use the proper tool on this:

Note we've started making the main bedroom into the carpentry shop, as the walls are done in there, and we don't need to cob in that area anymore, so it's an easy place to work in the shade, or out of the rain, and we don't have to move stuff around.


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