Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring is for Gardening

Once again, we've attacked one of the terraces of the veg garden, taking lots of 'old' dirt out and adding fresh compost. We also needed to add 'root blockers' at the bottom of the terrace basket, as the surrounding redwoods come in to steal water and soil nutrients through the bottom.

So again, we're using that hardboard stuff that was part of the concrete forms to create a bit of a barrier to keep the roots out. and I thought gophers were going to be the problem! The roots are so bad in some spots, it's hard to put the shovel through them.

Melissa did most of the digging, and it's sticky wet stuff these days. Here she's standing on the bottom of the terrace, with a few hardboard blockers in place, and now the process is to move all that dirt in front of her behind her, and put blockers down as you go. does a good job of aerating the soil, that's for sure.

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