Friday, May 17, 2013

Introducing the Chicken Shack!

After a lot of thought, and reading a lot of stuff from this site , I decided to take the plunge and build a mobile chicken coop.  Not exactly a 'chicken tractor', as people sometimes call them, but a mobile mini coop, that will house chickens at night, and after they pick around a fenced in area around the coop for a few days, move the coop and the fence to a new area and let them pick at that.   The idea is to have them eat 100% wild -bugs and greens -, rather than buying them food.  Here's the outside of the shack with the door closed.

Cute little ramp that the door turns into. Note the double locking system of the pin on a string and the turn latch at the top center of the doorway.  The vents are covered with hardware (1/4") screen.

Interior, looking down on the roost and 3 nesting boxes. (the roof lifts up for easy access):

the nest boxes, all made from scrap stuff, of course. Everything lifts out for easy cleaning. 

and the roost, with its litter box, which will make for easy cleaning and adding to the compost pile!

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Starting anti-fire prep

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