Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thar be Chickens Here!

Well, we took the plunge. The neighbors brought over 5 chickens. 1 young rooster, 1 under a year old hen, and 3 full grown layers.  There's 4 black and one brown.  The rooster and pullet (young hen) are siblings, and have both greenish and 'golden' tinges.   They are part Silkie, part Cornish, and part Wyandotte. 

The brown one is more independent (had to take a separate photo) but definitely willing to stand up for herself.  The neighbors say that she was actually treated like a pet when she was little (let into the house and such) 
 These photos also show the 'forest floor' sort of area we're pasturing them in.  I'm hoping they can find all sorts of good stuff to eat, and over time, to a bit to keep the brush down.  As of right now in this first week of settling in, we're getting about 1 egg a day.  I will need to buy some supplement stuff so that if they are lacking anything they can get it with that. 

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Starting anti-fire prep

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